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    Hey Guys!

    So as most of you know, we're preparing a huge new update launching the week of the 15th (this week.) I thought I'd provide some more details and just reassure that SE will be fully active the weekend of the 17th. I'd also like to mention that Premium Memberships will also be fully available this week, with cut pricing! These prices are expected to go up and up as we get some more people on the server, so you should jump on them!

    What will be included in the SE Update?

    • The update will incude VMC kitpvp
      • VMC kitpvp is our own take and own spin on traditional Kitpvp. Kitpvp is a very popular, fast-paced gamemode in the Minecraft-server-world. Keeping with our original theme, we've changed a lot about it and hope you all enjoy it!
    • We will unveil Cresta Alta
      • Cresta Alta is something we've talked about for a long time. We won't be using our same system, exactly, but it's going to be something really cool and fun.
    • NEW Hub
      • We didn't really have a hub before, but we've been working on a really cool new one! It makes it really easy for us to add on new games and makes them all easily accessible.
    • NEW Astronaut Map
      • Introducing, Debris! Inspired by Gravity and the influx of Scientific Fiction films as of late. Can you navigate the satelites and Debris to last out the others?
    • Also this month...
      • This month we will also be releasing a new custom game, Mission Imblockable. This game has spies, enemies, and lots of explosions... What could be better!?

    - Jack, Austin, Bloon
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