Happy Holidays & First Launch!*

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    Hello, and Happy Holidays!

    We've been working hard over the holidays here at VentureMC, preparing something awesome for you guys! We've been posting our server anywhere we can, trying to attract as many players to our server as we can. And good news - it has worked! We've developed a small but solid community, which we will use to capitalize and acquire many more loyal Venturers! As of now, we are officially out of beta and in the SE 2.2 Launch Stage! Oh what fun it is!

    NEW! Survival Released!


    The Survival World is something we have been talking about for a long time. Finally it is a reality! We've taken survival and made it so custom and unique, whilst still keeping a foot in the vanilla, pre-custom door. We didn't leave anything out - survival includes shops, jobs, economy, towns, and skill upgrades! There is truly no better way to evoke the theme of "venture" than survival.

    Survival is available now, just click the Diamond Pickaxe on the Compass!

    NEW Ranks & Holiday Sale on the Store!

    We've recently updated & introduced premium packages. There are now two premium packages available, Explorer and Discoverer. Explorer is our subscription option, with amazing perks for gamemodes all around the network. Discoverer is our lifetime option, with even more perks! Check them out on the store, and jump on them soon, as the 25% off sale ends January 10th!

    View premium packages @ store.venturemc.net!

    New Members of Staff & TeamExpedition!

    • Relative is a new Chat Moderator on the network! If you see Relative around, be sure to say hi!
    • deGnutsch is a new developer on VentureMC. He will be working on some new projects behind the scenes that we're very excited about!
    • MiniDimi_ is our first member of TeamExpedition, which is the new build team on VMC. He is an excellent builder, and he's got some really cool projects in the works.

    I would like to thank all the staff who were able to commit tons of time to the server in the past week. We literally could not have done it without the fantastic dedication of our members of staff.

    Happy Holidays,
    Jack, Austin, Ael and the VMC Staff Team

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