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    Hello everyone!

    This weekend, on VentureMC, we’re kicking off our first Build Contest!

    Build Contest #1

    Theme: Winter
    Build anything from a giant snowman to a snowy Nordic village, just make sure you employ the winter aesthetic! One of the categories for judging will be how closely a build follows the theme, so make sure it’s very wintery.

    Guidelines: Reasonably sized and in survival
    All builds will be built in survival and should fit in reasonably sized area, about 400 x 400 blocks MAXIMUM. Please don’t feel like it has to meet that maximum, it can be as small or as large as you’d like, under that limit. Teaming with another player is allowed, but no more than 3 people per team and winnings will be split among members. If you have a build already made that you’d like to add to, that is acceptable.

    Contest Ends January 31st, all entries must be completed by then.

    1st Place:

    • Special Builder rank (only for one team member)
    • $8,000 IGC
    • 5,000 claimblocks
    • FREE Explorer for 3 months
    • Other rewards yet to come
    2nd Place:
    • $4,000 IGC
    • 4,000 claimblocks
    • FREE Explorer for 1 month
    3rd Place:
    • $2,000 IGC
    • 2,000 claimblocks
    *Additional rewards will likely be distributed.

    PvP Arena
    The PvP arena is now open! Don’t argue in chat, go to /warp fighclub to sort it out ‘mano a mano.’ Players will not lose their inventories upon death.

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